About Ken

Ken’s Backstory: From Professional Engineer (P.E.) to “Engineer of Finance”
I thought I knew so much, but boy was I acting stupid being so frugal all my life. I wanted to retire by 30 and move into a lavish waterfront home on Lake Tahoe. To try and get there, I became that idiot who risked all his money chasing after outrageous returns via aggressive joint ventures, real estate and the stock market.

33 became my new 30, because it was then I became financially independent; I could retire … so I thought (remember, I was an idiot). But, I was an idiot with a house and 40 acres I owned outright. I had all kinds of investments and kept my money working, not sitting in a bank getting less than 1% in interest. I also had a great  job working as a professional engineer (P.E.).

Then 2008 kicked me in the stomach, and in the head, and a few times in the kidneys, and once in the head again. My investments vanished and the land I owned might as well have. Good thing I didn’t save a dime. To be kind to my younger, know-it-all self, it all came down to understanding liquidity and cash flow (and that stubborn guy knew zip). There I was with nothing. I lost my house, sold my land for pennies and became a punching bag for creditors. With no engineering work to be found, I took a sharp turn and jumped into the insurance and financial industry.

At first, I really struggled. I was surrounded by an industry filled with people who only cared about closing the sale, dismissing any effort to educate their clients. Luckily, I did find a few mentors who valued educating their clients. They opened my eyes to outrageously effective ways to save and invest while maintaining cash flow and liquidity while sidestepping volatility. I went on to manically study and apply these methods to quickly rebuild and create a life for my family. Since losing everything,  I’ve helped hundreds of clients reduce or eliminate debt, create a Bankosaurus™ and earn better yields with less risk by investing OFF Wall Street.

Meet Greene Finance and Insurance
It’s no secret we’re not fans of the vast majority of players in the financial industry. We’ve had it with the gushing faucet of skewed, misinformed and flat out BAD ADVICE out there.

Greene is in the business of making you money (and helping you protect that money). We don’t subscribe to the same ol’ same ol’ investment methods pushed relentlessly by major banks and financial firms. We think that dated method handcuffs your options and keeps you from using your money today. And who doesn’t want to use their money? That’s the fun in having money.

We provide our clients with “aha” moments when it comes to finance, investing, insurance, making money and living free. We believe in simplifying these things in ways you may have never experienced before—we’re breaking the norm that finance needs to be complicated to be effective.

So let’s pull back the curtain put up by the major banks and investment firms and look inside; we think you’ll feel elevated learning there’s a different way to play the financial game.

Greene Finance and Insurance … Only Different

Say Hi to Joey the T-Rex

By now, you’ve seen Joey, the green dinosaur that represents Greene. Here’s the 411 on Joey: As a businessman, my dad traveled a lot when I was a kid. On one particular trip, my dad and mom found themselves in a toy and stuffed-animal shop in Toronto; they were searching to bring something back home for my brother and me. A little, green dinosaur poked out of a corner and caught their eye; he was for me.

That dinosaur became my friend and my voice of guidance. I named him Joey because growing up as an Italian, I thought Joey would be a tough guy name … nobody would mess with a Joey. I was an imaginative kid and Joey went with me everywhere, teaching me lessons, keeping me safe and providing guidance (yep, that stuffed animal was my sage).

Now, even as a financial and insurance businessman, Joey the T-Rex represents the company, as our logo. We chose Joey because he brings calmness to something clients find stressful and difficult: their finances. We want Joey to be a sense of security and comfort to our clients.

Insurance Stinks, but the Benefits Are Worth it—Kind of Like Spinach
If you’re going to learn to make (and keep) more money, you’re also going to learn to protect it.
Listen, reading about insurance can be the most boring topic on the planet—except for maybe the history of cloth-seat-cover manufacturing. At Greene, we get that. But, we believe we can ignite interest in insurance because of the value it holds in protecting your money and your stuff once you learn to acquire lots of money and stuff. Sure, you may not start daydreaming of becoming an insurance broker, but you’ll at least recognize the inherent value of insurance and the role it plays as part of the bigger puzzle.

If you can’t get all jazzed up about insurance policies, that’s fine, we just want you to know you’re making smart decisions. We’ll guide you through your options in a way that’s easy-to-digest.

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