Ken Greene discusses the concept of “be a guinea pig.” He shares his personal experiences from trying out new water sports, to the painful learning process he went through. Ken emphasizes that being a ‘guinea pig’, though often painful, is an important part of the learning process. He views this as a valuable way to learn what works and what doesn’t work in any given situation, enabling him to be a better host, teacher, and mentor. Ken also discusses how he becomes a guinea pig vicariously through mentors who are in situations that he has not yet reached, such as retirement.

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Episode Highlights

  • Being a guinea pig to enter the insurance and financial industry
  • The importance of understanding products personally before selling them to others
  • His learning journey for the ‘Infinite Banking Concept’ and how it transformed his financial planning
  • Importance of experiencing both success and failures as a way to empathize and help others
  • How he utilizes mentorship to gain knowledge and wisdom in fields that he doesn’t have personal experience in, like retirement planning
  • The importance of being a guinea pig, especially in areas you excel at, to provide value to others


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