Ken Greene interviews Max Emma, the founder of BooXkeeping, who shares his journey starting a successful bookkeeping company catering to entrepreneurs and small businesses. He emphasizes the importance of accurate bookkeeping in understanding a business’s financial health and offers monthly financial statements, educational webinars, and software recommendations to clients. Max also highlights the importance of bringing a “cool” culture to the bookkeeping industry and expanding through franchising.

Who’s the Guest?

Max Emma is the CEO of BooXkeeping Corporation and BooXkeeping Franchise, Inc., and he’s responsible for everything that happens with them today: He projects confidence; he provides stability; he lets employees make their own mistakes; he strategizes; he creates a safety net and he makes decisions. Before launching BooXkeeping Corp., he was with Qualcomm and Purple Sun House.

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Episode Highlights

  • Max shares his background, coming from Russia to the United States, eventually settling in San Diego and attending San Diego State for a finance degree
  • His experiences during the economic collapse in Russia and how people found ways to make money and survive
  • How he learned English by calling American Express and other credit card companies, asking questions and interacting with them as a free practice
  • His journey of growing a landscaping business, experiencing the impact of the recession, and eventually starting his own bookkeeping business
  • The importance of bookkeeping in showing how money was spent and moved, as well as for forecasting and showing the future in certain ways
  • Identifying the need for a better bookkeeping solution
  • The benefits of using BooXkeeping’s services remotely during COVID and how it saves companies money by offering a more efficient bookkeeping service compared to in-house accounting departments
  • The goal is to have 15 more BooXkeeping franchises by the end of the year and help them find success by providing marketing, technology, and staff support
  • The vetting process of potential franchisees focuses on whether they match culturally with the existing team and if they have interests outside of work, while financial and bookkeeping experience is not essential

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