Bill West with Bareknuckle Brand Marketing is my guest. I asked Bill to come on my show as a guest due to my gratitude for the work he and his team did for me approximately 7 years ago. As business owner, there are times (sometimes too many times), we have to do a lot of things that we do not enjoy as business owner. I love hosting this podcast every week. I love helping my clients every day. However, I do not care for a lot of the minutiae, we business owners/entrepreneurs have to deal with to survive and be successful.

One weekend this year, working again on a Saturday, I was a little down in the dumps, looked up from my desk, and saw my awesome Bankosaurus┬« smiling at me. I then looked at my Joey the T-Rex logo, and was happy again and filled with gratitude. I immediately sent Bill an email asking if he would like to come on this podcast to see how he could help other entrepreneurs/business owners succeed with their branding and marketing. It all begins with branding and if it was not for “The Code” process that Bill and his team put me through, I would not have my Joey the T-Rex or the Bankosaurus┬« to share with the world!

Ken Greene transitioned from being a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to the “Engineer of Finance.” His goal is to help people become financially independent and help them earn better yields with less risk by investing Off Wall Street.

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Show Notes

  • The Engineer of Finance title came from Bill – 3:02
  • When he first met Bill – 5:05
  • What’s “The Code” – 5:52
  • Branding takes some time – 6:39
  • When Joey the T-Rex was created – 7:37
  • How important your logo is – 8:50
  • It’s more than Ken Greene – 10:06
  • The strategy is always involved – 10:41
  • What a CMO is – 12:16
  • A big need in marketing – 17:28
  • The ideal client – 18:22
  • Things that they do not do – 27:15
  • What’s referral marketing? – 29:44
  • “The Code” as the uniqueness of a business – 32:02
  • Branding is vital – 35:18
  • What’s the foundation? – 38:18

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