In this episode of The Engineer of Finance, Ken Greene and Mariusz Skonieczny discuss the rewards and risks, and the joy and the pain of investing in micro-cap stocks.

Mariusz Skonieczny is a self-made investor who has written 11 books on investing. He believes in the power of prediction and encourages investors to look for opportunities when everyone else is panicking, to distance themselves from negativity, and to focus on long-term investment opportunities. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding what you are investing in and avoiding emotional decisions when dealing with downturns.

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Episode Highlights

  • Taking 10,000 to 1,000,000: How Mariusz Skonieczn started his investment career
  • What the price of volatility is on the trading journey
  • Handling volatility and finding opportunities
  • Strategies for managing emotions in investing
  • Analyzing Warren Buffet’s investment strategies
  • Understanding what you are investing in
  • Distancing yourself from negativity and focusing on long-term investment opportunities
  • Keeping cash on the sidelines and private placements
  • Exploring investment strategies
  • The benefits of being a contrarian
  • Challenges of growing a YouTube channel in a volatile market
  • Navigating investment opportunities and avoiding negativity
  • Dealing with negative comments on YouTube
  • The process of writing books for income streams
  • Investment strategies in a volatile market
  • Benefits of recession
  • Investment opportunities during COVID-19
  • The healing process of recessions
  • Investing strategies and resources for financial success


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