In this podcast episode, Alex Chompff discusses his career journey from the military to entrepreneurship, with notable roles in technology and venture capital. His experience includes being a security chief for nuclear weapons installations to managing a family business. His journey is marked by a deep love for technology that led him to form various ventures like Goodies, NatureTrack, Evolution Ventures, and MasterVerse.AI.

Alex returned to the corporate world in the 2010s, allowing him to balance family, education, and establishing his company Goodies. His investment strategy places heavy emphasis on teamwork and integrity and having a long-lasting social impact. He advocates for investing in veterans due to their robust character traits and potential and shows interest in women-led businesses due to their vast potential yet underrepresentation.

Alex introduces his platform MasterVerse.AI, which facilitates understanding AI, intending to familiarize people with AI. He believes all people globally should have access to such technologies and encourages participation in the community, offering interaction with high-profile community members.

Lastly, he emphasizes that individuals seeking investment are crucial to the investment infrastructure. He encourages them to persevere and connect with him on social media platforms and his platforms: and MasterVerse.AI. He believes in an equal opportunity approach to technological advancement access.


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Episode Highlights

  • The importance of shared bonds and trust in work, specifically with veterans who have high integrity
  • Investing in women owned businesses due to their underappreciation in the investment community
  • Alex’s long and extensive career
  • Transition from high school to Marine Corps
  • Returning from Marine Corps and starting a career involving computers and finance
  • The impact and learning experience from serving in the Marines
  • The power and importance of mentorship and helping others
  • The challenge and emotional toll of balancing work and family, particularly when traveling for business
  • Career shifts to focus on starting a family
  • The forming of the venture syndicate and becoming an investor operator
  • Financial component and social aspects of angel investing
  • The fundamental criteria he uses to evaluate a potential investment opportunity
  • The importance of personal connection when making investment decisions.


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