Ken Greene interviews Chris Aliotta, CEO and co-founder of Quantalytix, a company aiming to modernize technology and systems for banks and lending institutions. Chris discusses his 15-year experience in the banking industry, the founding of Quantalytix, and the initial challenges faced due to banks being late adopters. By understanding the needs of the market, Quantalytix now successfully serves its ideal clients, including commercial banks, mortgage originators, and other lending institutions, emphasizing the importance of data for informed decision-making.

Who’s the Guest?

Christopher “Chris” Aliotta is the founder, president and CEO of Quantalytix, a Birmingham, Ala.-based fintech startup specializing in advanced analytics and loan management systems. With more than 16 years of banking and fintech experience, Chris has mastered interest rate risk management, credit risk management, leveraging and monetizing data, bank strategy, loan/deposit valuation, balance sheet profitability, relationship profitability modeling, asset liability management, relationship profitability modeling, cloud software trends, blockchain trends and data tools.

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Episode Highlights

  • Chris acknowledges a need to modernize the technology and systems banks use and founded Quantalytix to make quantitative data more understandable and accessible
  • Quantalytix services both commercial banks and non-bank entities, including mortgage originators, with strategies they can pursue to optimize their businesses
  • How Quantalytix targets depository and non-depository lenders, focusing on those involved in making loans
  • Helping optimize lending strategies, reduce risk, and maintain good standing with regulators by providing valuable data and insights
  • The platform assists users in validating lending decisions and identifying potential risks, offering peace of mind in decision making
  • Quantalytix takes the data clients have and provides tools for critical analysis and decision making in lending practices
  • The importance of understanding market, product, and problem-solving for entrepreneurs


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