Fun conversation with Christine Teh about working in the corporate world and her dream to start her own business. We talked about what is involved in becoming an entrepreneur and what she does as a financial coach.

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Episode Highlights

  • Who is Christine Teh?
  • Transitioning from Corporate Life to Entrepreneurship
  • How she started her personal coaching business
  • Benefits of taking a part-time approach to entrepreneurship
  • Moving to Las Vegas and working in the tech industry
  • Entrepreneurship vs. Working for a company
  • Exploring Financial Coaching
  • Emotional attitudes toward money
  • Balancing financial anxiety and physical health goals
  • Benefits of budgeting for long-term health and financial goals
  • Financial planning strategies for families
  • Establishing a positive cash flow and credit card usage
  • Financial planning strategies for managing credit card spending
  • Using the Spreadsheet Systems

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