Ken Greene interviews Lynn Raynault, CEO of Questis, and John Tabb, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. Questis helps employees improve their financial health through behavior-based goals and plans, utilizing a platform that combines technology and human guidance. The company works with employers to create incentives such as discounted health insurance premiums and offers a private social network for support. Questis encourages employees to focus on long-term happiness and align spending with values, using spending plans instead of traditional budgets.

Who’s the Guest?

Lynn Raynault is a Growth leader for both B2B and B2C organizations. Over 25 years experience developing and executing strategies globally for luxury, not-for-profit, wealth management and consumer goods companies. She’s passionate about building and growing both large and emerging businesses on an international scale in highly complex industries and markets.

John Tabb co-founded Questis, a configurable financial wellness technology platform, that allows retirement advisors and financial service providers to easily deliver personalized financial wellness programs to their plan sponsors and participants. Founded by experienced financial advisory professionals, Questis pairs the power of software with the customization required to fuel behavior change.

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Episode Highlights

  • The truth about financial advisors being primarily investment advisors and not focusing as much on other aspects of finance, like budgeting and eliminating debt
  • Questis provides tools and processes for people to become more financially healthy, including setting goals and creating new financial habits
  • The wide variety of companies and employees that can benefit from Questis, both small and large organizations and employees from all walks of life
  • What are the incentives used by companies to encourage employee participation in Questis programs
  • The importance of understanding an individual’s relationship with money and changing their mindset around it
  • How Questis offers a holistic approach to financial wellness, providing support through certified coaches, tools, and a community of people going through similar financial situations
  • The paycheck-to-paycheck phenomenon doesn’t discriminate across income levels, and implementing healthy financial habits is crucial for everyone
  • Questis helps people understand what truly makes them happy and review their spending habits, aligning their financial decisions with their values and happiness
  • Rather than using the term “budgeting,” Questis encourages “spending plans” to help people adjust their financial behaviors without the negative connotation of the term “budget.”


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