Ken Greene welcomes David Wiesner, President of Leap Systems to discuss the LEAP Software, a tool designed to help people understand money and financial planning. David is the President of LEAP and he talks about the company’s mission to help people accelerate their financial planning.

I love the philosophy and the model behind LEAP: Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process. I learned about LEAP a few years ago and was impressed by the way it changed my thinking about money. It helped me understand the power of economic life value and the death benefit, and how it has enhanced their savings and investment strategies.

David and I also talk about how he has worked with investors and how he believes that he would be the perfect client for the company. He also talks about how he has experience with managing family finances.

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Show Notes

  • Who is David Wiesner?
  • How Ken and David first met
  • The power of LEAP
  • Importance of getting auto insurance for wealth creation
  • David’s discovery after joining LEAP
  • The benefits of the LEAP Process
  • Financial planning for death and disability
  • Systems for app development, training, and feedback


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