Ken Greene interviews Marguerita Cheng (Rita), CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth and charity marathon runner. Rita shares her multicultural background and passion for ethical financial planning. Her company focuses on education and providing competent, ethical advice to clients, regardless of their net worth. Rita regularly contributes to Kiplinger and US News and World Report and has been a spokesperson for the ARP Financial Freedom campaign. She connects her global experiences with her work in finance, adopting a unique and well-rounded approach. Rita also discusses her enjoyment of running marathons for charity causes like Afghan Aid and Girls on the Run, showcasing her dedication to helping others.

Who’s the Guest?

Rita is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Ocean Global Wealth.  She has also been a spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign and a regular columnist for Investopedia & Kiplinger. Previously, she was a Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial and an analyst and editor at Towa Securities in Tokyo, Japan.

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Episode Highlights

  • Rita discusses the importance of providing financial advice to people regardless of their portfolio size.
  • Rita shares her experience as a member of CNBC’s Financial Advisory Council and working with the media.
  • Rita talks about her writing journey and the importance of making personal finance personal.
  • Rita shares her professional journey from working at a large firm to founding Blue Ocean Global Wealth.
  • Discussing the services offered by Blue Ocean Global Wealth and how they cater to various clients’ needs.
  • Rita speaks about her personal background, growing up in a multicultural family, and the impact of her early experiences on her communication skills.
  • The reason behind Rita’s family’s move to the Netherlands and her experiences studying there.
  • Rita’s experience living and studying in Japan on multiple occasions.
  • Discussing memories and experiences in Baltimore and Annapolis.
  • Confirmation of the firm’s headquarters in the DC area.
  • The running culture in DC and New York and its significance.
  • Rita talks about her experience running marathons for charity, including Afghan Aid.
  • Running as a moving meditation and way to recharge for introverts like Rita.


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