Ken Greene features Patrick Sells, co-founder of True Digital Group. They discuss debt leveraging, Patrick’s background and roles in banking and fintech, and the importance of innovating within legal and regulatory constraints. The conversation shifts to the differences between community and digital banking, championing the adoption of digital transformations in banking. They also delve into the handling of cryptocurrencies, with Patrick providing insights on how cryptos are regulated based on their categorization as tender, security, or commodity.

Who’s the guest?

Patrick Sells is an award-winning entrepreneur and thought leader with a proven track record of driving innovation and transformation in the financial services industry. As American Banker’s 2020 Digital Banker of the Year and co-founder of True Digital Group, he has developed the industry’s first-of-its-kind vendor discovery and performance platform, enabling financial institutions to partner with technology vendors more effectively.

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Episode Highlights

  • Patrick talks about True Digital and the gaps it fills in the banking industry.
  • Insights on the innovation and creativity involved in banking
  • Relationship between learning and earning, and the different experiences coming from college versus working
  • The importance and value of setting and abiding by rules within the banking system are stressed
  • Imposing discipline for oneself and for optimizing the banking process
  • The definition and role of community banks
  • The misinterpretation of banking terms
  • How banks became early adopters of technology, hence the legacy systems
  • The talent deficit in community banking and the need to attract a new generation
  • Understanding the regulatory aspects of crypto


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