Ken Greene invites guest Peter Lazaroff, a Chartered Financial Analyst and Chief Investment Officer at Plancorp. They discuss Lazaroff’s passion for investing, which started when he was given a share of Nike stock as a kid, and how he obtained his CFA and CFP certifications. Peter explains the evolving role of the modern Chief Investment Officer, highlighting the importance of addressing the emotional side of investing and educating clients about the market. Lastly, they discuss the ESG investment approach and the importance of hearing various perspectives on investments.

Who’s the guest?

Peter joined Plancorp in 2015 as Director of Investment Research. He became a shareholder of the firm in 2017 and Chief Investment Officer in 2020. Throughout his career, Peter has built a reputation as an educator, and our clients appreciate his ability to simplify complex issues. While Peter spends most of his time developing and communicating Plancorp’s investment strategy, he also writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. In 2019, Wiley & Son’s published his first book titled Making Money Simple. He also is the host of The Long Term Investor podcast. Peter and his wife, Ann, have two sons. When he has free time, he enjoys reading, traveling, swimming, and watching baseball.

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Episode Highlights

  • Peter discusses how he developed an interest in investing as a teenager and how it influenced his career choices.
  • How Peter started learning about investing by buying books and reading the Wall Street Journal.
  • His decision to first go for his CFA and then CFP designations based on his role as an investment analyst
  • How the best way to approach the CFA exam is to avoid communicating with others during breaks between tests as it may cause confusion
  • The idea of advising clients to pay off high-interest debt like credit cards which can yield a guaranteed return equivalent to the interest rate
  • Objectivity and taking an emotionless approach to investment decisions
  • The role of emotion in investing
  • How fear can often outweigh financial logic, particularly for people nearing retirement
  • The challenges of getting clients to accept simplified investment options, like a one-fund portfolio
  • Experience with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing
  • How to start simplifying investments


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