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Should you delegate tasks to a virtual assistant? Can a virtual assistant really take a big chunk off your shoulder?

For today’s episode, I had a conversation with co-founders Julie Ann Hepburn and Mimi Klosterman of Financial VA to talk about how to onboard and train assistants and virtual assistants.

We discussed the importance of having an onboarding process for new employees, including procedures and standard operating procedures (SOPs). They talked about how this can help avoid setting employees up for failure and how it can be helpful for employees to understand the expectations of the company. They also discussed the value of recording and verifying procedures and SOPs, as well as having employees type out these procedures.

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Show Notes

  • Getting to know the guests: Julie Ann Hepburn and Mimi Klosterman
  • Why they decided to create the Your Virtual Services
  • The benefits of having a virtual assistant in a business
  • What the process and procedures are when onboarding a virtual assistant
  • Why should you hire a virtual assistant for your business?
  • Documenting your business processes
  • What is the four-week service offering of the Your Virtual
  • Services are all about
  • The benefits of hiring employees
  • Delegation in business
  • Who is the ideal client for a virtual assistant business?
  • What is the Turnkey Business Model?


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