Join Ken Greene in an insightful episode of the Engineer of Finance Podcast as he engages in an in-depth conversation with the esteemed Tessa White, known as The Job Doctor, who brings her expertise on financial planning, liquidity in American households, and her transformative book “The Unspoken Truth for Career Success.” This riveting discussion sheds light on the widening disconnect between the younger generations and employers and presents solutions to bridge the gap through strategic communication, value alignment, and workplace adaptability.

As a thought leader in finance, Tessa reveals the secret to empowering the younger workforce and how employers can tap into the dynamic potential of this generational change. Discover valuable insights into flexible work arrangements, project-based work, and mastering the art of workplace negotiation in order to create an unparalleled environment of growth and success.

Who’s the Guest?

Tessa White is a HR professional with 20+ years of experience in the field. She has led HR in Fortune 50 companies as well as small start-ups to mid-sized organizations. Her talents are best served in fast moving environments where she has leeway to creatively solve problems. She believes that good HR always aims to balance risk and reward to get the results needed. She has the ability to take complex issues and distill them down to quick conversation bites and actionable items.

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Episode Highlights

  • The younger generation prefers short-term thinking and having multiple job options, leading to a disconnect between employers and employees.
  • Employers need to offer more customized benefits and discuss the employee’s career growth from day one
  • Employees should not be afraid to communicate their concerns and needs, and not to chase the “green zone” – staying in the “red zone” helps with personal growth and improvement
  • Having open communication and managing conflicts can lead to better relationships between employers and employees
  • People should consider negotiating their salary and benefits to maximize their income and growth potential
  • Taking calculated risks and working with smart people can help with personal and financial growth


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