Ken Greene discusses the importance of concentrating on the things that one can control and letting go of the concerns that cannot be managed. Inspired by a conversation with a new client worried about global tensions and their impact on financial matters, Ken emphasizes on the futility of worrying about things beyond control, suggesting instead to pay attention but not dwell on such matters.

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Episode Highlights

  • Monitoring global affairs but choosing not to let it cause undue stress; focusing on situations that can be controlled
  • Focusing on controllable factors on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to meet personal, familial, and workplace goals
  • Past struggle with perfectionism and how it deterred progress
  • Lesson learned from guest speaker about overcoming perfectionism
  • Focusing on tasks and goals that can be controlled and acknowledging the inability to control everything else
  • Learning from personal experiences and sharing this knowledge to help others
  • Importance of addressing, understanding, and improving personal habits and circumstances before attempting to solve larger issues; applying this lesson in financial and investment strategies
  • Advice to focus on what one can control; reminder of being aware but not consumed by external events


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