If you’re going to retire today, are you ready?

After years of hard work, you are entitled to a happy and fulfilling retirement. Travel around the world, spend more time with the family, and get a new hobby — the possibilities are endless. However, retirement can be scary too, especially if you’re not ready.

In this episode, Ken Greene highlights the importance of retirement planning and saving for the future. He talks about the focus on how a decade later, or even 40 years later, those who put money into retirement plans, fixed mortgages, and other savings plans ahead of time will have a whole bunch of money sitting in those accounts. Ken also shares about the value of forced and semi-forced savings plans like Home MTG, 401k, IRAs, and pensions. He emphasizes the importance of planning for the future and setting aside money now in order to reap the benefits later in life.

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Episode Highlights

  • Reflections from the business trip in Santa Monica, California
  • Exploring forced savings plans for retirement planning
  • Difference between wealth accumulation and distribution
  • Benefits of having a forced savings plan
  • The power of 401ks and IRAs


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