A lack of organization, especially when it comes to money, can harm your finances: You can either run short on cash, pay your bills late, and even lose money because you’re either out of budget or you have to pay the late fees.

For today’s show, Ken reiterates the value of being highly organized with your finances and why you should create a place where everything has a home. He shares his secrets about how he stays organized. Remember: Being highly organized is more than just tidying up: It’s also finding smart ways to save more money.

Ken Greene transitioned from being a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to the “Engineer of Finance.” His goal is to help people become financially independent and help them earn better yields with less risk by investing Off Wall Street.

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Show Notes

  • What organization means for Ken
  • Why being highly organized with your finances is important
  • Why there should be a home for everything
  • What is one of the biggest deliverables that Ken provides for families
  • How Ken stays highly organized


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