Insurance Stinks, but the Benefits Are Worth it—Kind of Like Spinach

If you’re going to learn to make (and keep) more money, you’re also going to learn to protect it.

Listen, reading about insurance can be the most boring topic on the planet—except for maybe the history of cloth-seat-cover manufacturing. At Greene, we get that. But, we believe we can ignite interest in insurance because of the value it holds in protecting your money and your stuff once you learn to acquire lots of money and stuff. Sure, you may not start daydreaming of becoming an insurance broker, but you’ll at least recognize the inherent value of insurance and the role it plays as part of the bigger puzzle.

If you can’t get all jazzed up about insurance policies, that’s fine, we just want you to know you’re making smart decisions. We’ll guide you through your options in a way that’s easy-to-digest.

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