After a long day of work, relaxing should be on top of your priority. Lying down, watching your favorite show, or even reading a good box can help relax your mind.

In your case, what do you do to relax?

In today’s show, Ken talks about his unique way of relaxing: He looks at Stock Market historical data to relax. He shares that he enjoys researching and studying the stock market’s historical data. Although his data does not guarantee what will happen in the future, understanding the market history can help you prepare for the bad (and good) years.

Ken Greene transitioned from being a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to the “Engineer of Finance.” His goal is to help people become financially independent and help them earn better yields with less risk by investing Off Wall Street.

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Show Notes

  • What Ken does to relax. – 2:23
  • To stay in the game, it is important to know what your stomach can endure. – 3:59
  • F.I.R.E.: Admiring the philosophy of living withIN our means and having strong savings and investment focus. – 6:17
  • The thing that relaxes Ken. – 8:12
  • What happened when he started switching his focus? – 10:03
  • How much can your stomach endure? 11:35
  • Having a focus on drawing down and staying in the game is important. – 14:32
  • The point of the discussion. – 16:20
  • For most families, especially near retirement and pre-retirement, defense is a better focus and strategy. – 19:18

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