What are your plans for 2023?

Are there any aspects of your life that you truly want to focus on this year?

In this episode, Ken Greene talks about how to plan financially for free days and trips, encourages paying off credit card balances in full every month, and saves 20% of gross income for an inflation rate. He also emphasizes adapting when circumstances change or unexpected events occur and shares upcoming episodes with guests discussing the election system and stock investing strategies. He has something big to announce for 2023, so stay tuned!

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Episode Highlights

  • The importance of having options A, B, and C
  • Benefits and drawbacks of using credit cards
  • Why you should start living within your means
  • Financial planning strategies for accumulation and growth
  • Home maintenance issues can cause unexpected trip delays
  • Benefits of having a positive attitude toward obstacles
  • Having a positive attitude in the workplace
  • Something big for 2023


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