Protect Your Family

What Are You Doing to Protect Your #1 Asset?

Money and more of it protects your family!

Money is energy. It’s an amplifier. It’s not the root of all evil. The love of money above all else… sure, no argument. However, more money can allow you to create more freedom and is a powerful asset to protect your family.

Do you know what your #1 asset is? Your house? Nope. Your car? Nope. Your banking or investment account? Nope.

It’s your ability to earn income. Whether you have a job or own a business, your ability to earn money is crucial to the well-being of you and your family.

By protecting this asset, you protect your family. Unfortunately, there are lots of sharks in the water you’re swimming in. Greene wants to protect you from those hungry sharks.Sur

Are you ready to learn something that the financial “gurus” have probably never shared with you?

The Financial Industry Doesn’t Exist to Make You Money, It Exists to TAKE YOUR MONEY!

So what does that have to do with protecting your family? EVERYTHING!

Have you ever wondered why the banks and brokerages seem to have an infinite amount of money – yet the majority of the clients that they advise have a house, a couple cars and a HUGE LOAD OF DEBT (house mortgage, car loans, school loans, credit card debt)?

Have you ever thought about how we REALLY learn about MONEY?

Do we learn about money in…

  • Elementary School?
  • High School?
  • College?

Typically, we have learned from either our parents or a financial advisor. I have been in this industry since the end of 2008, and I would argue the majority of advisors are just salespeople. They didn’t want to sell used cars anymore and now they are selling you an investment fund or stock (security) which aren’t so secure when the stock market seemingly crashes (aka corrects) every 7-8 years.

The majority of these financial advisors don’t look at your environment: cash flow, debt, savings.  They ask how old you are, how much you earn from your work/job, when do you want to retire and then they tell you to put X% into the stock market. DONE.

I would argue that the most profitable business in the world are the banks and brokerages! We will just call them banks from now on because since the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, there really isn’t much difference anymore. Coincidentally (probably not), one of the largest banks in the U.S. (also one of the biggest recipients of the U.S. government economic bailout of 2008) is also one of the largest brokerages in the U.S.

Why are banks so profitable?  When you walk out of their buildings (aka high-dollar, high-rise skyscrapers) with their sage advice, don’t you wonder why they have these amazing buildings and we have a humble home, a couple cars, and a lot of DEBT owed to the very same banks teaching us how to invest our money?

What are they doing?

The answer is, the exact opposite of what they teach their clients!

  • They teach, “buy and hold”
  • “You’re in it for the long term”
  • “The power of compound interest “
  •  “You will have all this money when you ‘retire’”
  •  Blah, blah, blah

What do they ACTUALLY DO? They essentially make money off of “The Spread”, fractional banking, and fees, plus more fees. Let’s just look at “The Spread” and we will dive into the other stuff at another time, or better yet in person, webinar, or on the phone.


“The Spread”

You put $100,000 into your savings account and you get 0.10% (that’s what most brick & mortar banks pay at this time if that much) and you make $100 end of the year. Then they lend (literally) to your neighbor at 4.1% for him or her to buy a Tesla. You made $100, the bank grossed $4,100 and netted $4,000 after paying you your $100.

If you look at your rate of return vs. their rate of return: you=0.10%; bank=$4,000/$100 = 4,000%!

Let’s take it another step, who’s $100,000 made the $4,000? Yours! So in a way, their rate of return (ROR) is infinite. What an awesome business to make BIG PROFITS!

They made lots of money off of your money. That’s living on the spread!

There are a lot of other components, like fractional banking, which put their profits into the stratosphere, which we can dive into later in a future blog or in person/webinar. Essentially, “The Spread” is the major way banks make money. Other people’s money (OPM) makes them A LOT of money!

Make sense now why they teach “buy and hold”, “you’re in it for the long term”,  the power of compound interest, blah, blah, blah? They want to hold and control ALL your money for all your life, give it back in little doses over time, so they can make A LOT of money today.

This might just be the best business model in the world… for them.

Did you know that you can do exactly what the banks do, and create your own banking system?

Piggy Bank On SteroidsAt Greene, we call it your “Piggy Bank On Steroids.”

You may be asking yourself, “How come no one has ever shown this to me before?”

There’s an easy answer, because like discussed above, it doesn’t benefit the financial industry!

So what are some of the benefits of your own “Piggy Bank On Steroids?”

  • Ability to use your money anytime you want (you don’t have to wait forever to use YOUR MONEY!)
  • Great growth for a savings vehicle (typically can be greater than 4% IRR over your life)
  • Growth is income tax-free legacy planning: (leave a large amount of money (income tax-free) for the people you care about)
  • Great shielding mechanisms to protect your money from creditors (so no ambulance chaser can ever steal it from you)* Varies from state to state

Because this financial instrument has existed for over 200 years and well before the IRS was created in 1913 fortunately, there are only a few rules to restrict your freedom. Unlike, 401(k)s, IRAs, Roth IRAs, and college savings plans, there are very few rules. We believe fewer rules = more freedom!

You will get control, liquidity, use, and equity to protect you and your family.

This is one of the key financial tools I used to rebound after losing almost everything back in 2009.

I went from a stellar credit score to practically zero.

But what’s amazing is that once I took action and created my own “Piggy Bank On Steroids”, I didn’t have to go beg the bank to lend me money.

When I needed money for my LASIK surgery, I simply accessed my own money from my “Piggy Bank on Steroids”, made interest on my money, and even saved 20% in the process (funny thing happens when you pay doctors cash outside of health insurance, you can get nice discounts).

I used it to fund the creation of this company, Greene.

My wife and I used it to buy our house three years ago.

We have helped our clients use it to eliminate huge amounts of debt.

We use it to create a lot more cash flow for our clients. Recently, we helped a client create an additional $1,000 in cash flow per month, without changing their income. Basically, they just received a $12,000 annual raise. Amazing what you can do when you have control of your money today and not waiting for 30 years.

You can do the same thing.

Everything we teach our clients to do, we do ourselves.

At Greene, we help clients that range from only $20,000 per year to millions per year in income.  What we teach is very simple (yet brilliant) and has existed for a long time, but rarely taught in the financial industry.

Chances are you want something that is simple, transparent, that you can actually do, and that really works!

If you take responsibility, love to learn, and like to take action, we will help you!

Protect your family! Live for today! And create tons of potential for a WAY WEALTHIER tomorrow! Schedule a time to talk below or simply give us a call at 775-624-8839.