Ken and Tammi talk about the fun and not-so-fun financial tools that you can use in your life in case you encounter an event that leaves you or a family member with a disability. You’ll hear different strategies so that you can find smarter ways to use your money.

Ken Greene transitioned from being a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to the “Engineer of Finance.” His goal is to help people become financially independent and help them earn better yields with less risk by investing Off Wall Street.

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Show Notes

  • Talking about Trusts – 2:07
  • How it’s difficult to separate a dream from reality – 2:44
  • It’s all about money – 4:00
  • Paying your insurance – 5:05
  • Having liability protection – 8:20
  • Having a financial strategy – 9:30
  • The cheapest form of liability protection – 10:34
  • How to protect your home insurance – 11:13
  • The most powerful way to use your money – 11:54
  • Liability protection – 13:10
  • Disability insurance – 14:32
  • Why Ken is so grateful for his audience – 22:58
  • Why some of the wealthiest people have real estate as part of their portfolio – 27:28
  • On the next podcast, Ken will dive into Real Estate investments – 29:18

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