In this podcast episode, Ken and Tammi Brannan, emphasize the value of genuinely helping others and providing value rather than focusing on self-promotion. By listening and serving others, individuals can create better connections and meaningful relationships. Ken shares his dislike for networking events, but Tammi suggests shifting one’s mindset to approach these events as opportunities to serve and help others. They encourage listeners to focus on this authentic approach, as it can lead to greater success and a more fulfilling life.

Who’s the Guest?

In 2006, Tammi woke up to realize that her life was stagnating, and she felt an all-consuming need to re-invigorate it somehow. Through God’s gentle guidance, she was led to study the difference between who she is, and who her life was allowing her to be. This study became the “Blueprint Process.”

In today’s world, there are so many distractions, between other people’s needs, and the expectations of society. Who are we, amidst the noise? You each have a Blueprint, a toolbox full of everything you need to bring value to the world and fulfillment to yourself. Without knowing your Blueprint, you spend your life wandering between others’ expectations, never fulfilling your own.

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Episode Highlights

  • The blueprint process identifies who you are and how you bring value to the world, helping adapt your business
  • Ken shares his experience with the blueprint process, learning not to apologize for who he is
  • Discussing the marketing side of the blueprint process and finding people who value who you are
  • Progress in customizing life and working with people who appreciate you for you
  • Knowing who you resonate with and being open to different ideas and approaches
  • The benefits of working with people that resonate with you and saving resources by focusing on your target audience
  • The importance of sharing who you are as a person in your marketing to attract your ideal audience
  • Marketing acting as a filter to draw the right people to you and save time
  • Resistance in embracing the marketing strategy due to the scarcity mindset
  • The value of building a community of ideal clients and working with people who appreciate you
  • Ken’s experience in the insurance industry and focusing on the client’s best interests
  • The power of reciprocity and putting the clients’ interests first
  • The challenges of scarcity mindset and resisting the marketing approach
  • The positive outcomes of working with people who resonate with you and the impact on loyalty
  • Potential consequences of manipulating clients to make sales
  • Effectively delivering genuine content without the intent to “get”
  • Importance of actively listening to potential clients
  • Manipulative tactics in marketing which exploit current events and buzzwords
  • Being a giver first and not just focusing on getting
  • Giving without expectations leading to abundance and opportunities
  • Attending networking events to serve others instead of focusing on personal gain

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