If I’m going to ask you: What would you rather make on your savings or investments: 20% or 4%? Would you rather make 20% on $25,000 or make 4% on a million dollars?

For this week’s episode, Ken shares his insights on what should you focus on when it comes to your savings and investment strategies. He takes a deep dive into the differences between focusing on the volume of money and focusing on the interest rates. He also talks about how bridge loans and reverse mortgages work. Additionally, Ken unveils the strategies he is using and teaching others when it comes to paying debts.

Ken Greene transitioned from being a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to the “Engineer of Finance.” His goal is to help people become financially independent and help them earn better yields with less risk by investing Off Wall Street.

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Show Notes

  • When you look at your savings and investment strategies, where should you focus on: The volume of money or the interest rate?
  • What strategies to use when it comes to paying the debt
  • What a bridge loan is
  • How a reverse mortgage works
  • What the fastest way to get clients is
  • How important is it to look at the interest rates when understanding your spread?


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