Ken and Tammi talk about money and US dollars. They discuss how silver, gold, and bitcoin could be a great store of value.


Ken Greene transitioned from being a Professional Engineer (P.E.) to the “Engineer of Finance.” His goal is to help people become financially independent and help them earn better yields with less risk by investing Off Wall Street.


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Show Notes

  • Fighting against each other – 5:40
  • You can not control how people respond – 7:54
  • Talking about cryptocurrency – 9:25
  • The world will start turning again – 13:27
  • What is money to you? – 14:22
  • Money as a medium of exchange – 15:14
  • What make US dollars so valuable – 16:43
  • A game-changer for many families – 18:36
  • Money has to flow – 19:11
  • Devaluation of money – 20:20
  • Understanding inflation – 22:39
  • What to do with silver and gold – 28:00
  • Having true financial freedom is fascinating – 30:59
  • Gold as a great tool – 32:22
  • Helping people take the next step – 44:39

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